Violence And Silence Took Life Of A 16 Year Old In Delhi

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Horrifying result turned up when two things collaborated on the day of Eid celebration. New Delhi again bathed in cold blooded murder, when one of the four brothers who got on to the train after the shopping at Sadar Bazaar.

The fellow passenger on other seats started to call them ‘anti-nationals’ and ‘beef-eaters’. A simple argument lead to a communal turf and ended up in “>stabbing of 16 year old Hafiz Junaid. The boy was lynched and stabbed in a train full of people, in front of his brothers.

Every scream of Junaid made it harder for the family to cope up with the death of the innocent young man. The question is, why did this even happen?

Why no one spoke and stopped them? Why out of hundred’s of witnesses no one wants to speak the truth? Why were these boys insulted, stabbed and killed? Yes there are people who want to destroy the peace in this country, and since when the modern India has become so INTOLERANT?

The conclusion to this story is, silence of so many people is supporting the deed of the lynching mob. And another side is that what once happened to the blacks in America, is what is happening here in India with the Muslims. If their knives have killed Junaid, then the silence of the hundreds of witnesses is supporting the act of the mob.

DO YOU SUPPORT THE ACT? If you are reading this and you were there in the train, play the part of a responsible citizen and help the police in finding the culprits who had guts to kill a boy in broad daylight.

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