SARCS: Hyderabad’s Quickly Rising Favorite Groove Makers

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If you are a Hyderabadi and you haven’t heard of SARCS, then you have missing some great beats in your life. The SARCS was born in 2015 and it has been making the Hyderabadi ‘pottas’ and ‘pottis’ groove on their tunes crazily.
What is SARCS?
SARCS means- Sunny Austin– a cool EDM expert, Ram– a ‘Maestro’ in several musical fields especially his singing and the talent of playing flute and last but never the least the rockstar, Chinna Swamy – with his hands-on expertise in Rock Music, when such talented musicians collaborate, something new and astounding is born!

Sunny Austin, Ram & Chinna Swamy an  excellent combination of three local musicians grinding together the fusion of Rock and Hiphop. Their first collaborated hit was their first song ‘Jhimpak Chimpak‘ released on 5thmarch 2016. Instantly, they started to claim all the fame surrounding them. The only thing that is connected them and made them create the new groove is MUSIC.

On 2nd April 2016, they released their second song ‘Poola Gusa Gusa‘- an old wine in a brand new bottle.They picked up the Superstar Krishna’s golden melody and revived it with remix and created the hype in the netizens with 1.5 Million and still counting views across the city and elsewhere.

SARCS did not just stop there they went on and released another hot hit as a tribute to Late. A.N.R and Queen Savitri with ‘Oh Devada!‘. Audience has given applaud for that musical triumph as well. And they added another jewel to their ‘Hit-List’ which is called “Karlo Aisich’. The ‘Hyderabadi tadka’ with some groovy music in the background which became the biggest dancing hit number of the year.

And after a lot of appreciation and hype they are all back with a great mash-up video of all Telugu songs. Haven’t seen it yet? Watch it now! What is mesmerizing is that they have added a female singer to their awesome team; Vidya Sirisha. The mashup is just brilliant and very much peaceful to the ears. wishes the entire team a great success in every future endeavor.

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