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On June 18th 2017, epic cricket match of India vs Pakistan was held in the Oval Stadium of London. Both countries were tied up to see the most awaited cricket match of the Year. India and Pakistan cricket rivalry has been in the process for a very long time and the anxiety is quite visible in the wide pupils of the common man!

And when the match ended Pakistan won terrifically against India with a margin of 180 runs. The result was taken with a great regret among the countrymen of India. It was portrayed that losing towards Pakistan was taken quite viciously and even many Pakistanis were trolling India on many social platforms.

There were many people who were taking the situation very well and treating the entire scenario as a game only. And many sports-persons were taking down the haters like boss! But what we have found right now is worth a share and a salute. Shahid Afridi slammed a reporter who was showing disrespect towards India and its cricket players. He mentioned that everyone in Pakistan watches Indian movies and also Indian serials. Then why so much of hatred when there is a cricket match against each other. It is not required to keep the hatred against a country when it can only be seen as just a sport.

We salute such modesty and a responsible act of dignity by Shahid Afridi. It was very much required to show people that the way things are being in perception, can be changed.

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