This Russian Guy Ran Out Of Money While His Trip To India So He Resorted To An Unusual Way To Meet His Travel Expenses !!

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While you were worrying about meeting your travel expenses, this Russian traveller decided to earn money from the very inhabitants of the country he is currently visiting.

 If you walk past the Palika Bazaar-crossing in Connaught Place, New Delhi, you will find this Russian national sitting on a platform with a range of postcard-sized travel photographs. If that makes you wonder what all this is about, read the placard lying next to the neatly arranged pictures. And the message is quite clear:

”Hello. I’m from Russia. These photos are from my travel. Price up to you. Support my trip.”

This young traveller calls himself Kola and has been selling photos in Delhi to earn money to continue his trip in India.

”It’s a long name, Nikola, and Indian name is Coca Cola, because people ask me what’s my name and I say Kola, they say Coca Cola. I say yes,” Kola quoted cheerfully .

While many of us will think twice before doing something not-so-sophisticated, our guest from abroad seems to think otherwise. ”It’s normal. No problem. I come back from Nepal. I sell photo for one week and make money,” said Kola, in his broken English.

Kola is currently living in a hostel in Delhi. Of course, his earnings are uncertain; on some occasions, he makes about Rs 1000 a day.

Kola’s Indian visa expires on June 22. But before he heads back, there is one particular destination he is eagerly looking forward to visit–Kashmir.

Hope he makes it to Kashmir and back home to Russia safe!

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