The Most Realistically Unreal Babies – Lovely or Scary?

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On social media these days I am very much surprised to see what I find and see. Some videos are right there to make my miserable, tired and pathetic days; but some of these videos which come out just make me go all bonkers in my head and think, “What is the matter with the damn world??” And I don’t get the answer.

The video which is being shown here right now I have some really weird feelings about that! I don’t know about you people but this this is spine-chilling. Haters, you all can just go on and scream about the fact how adorable it is but I am a person who started to hate the talking dolls when I freaking ‘Chucky”! And now this is making me go doubt the difference between the real and the fake.

This video is all about those silicon babies which a Spanish company called ‘Babyclon‘. When they released the avatar babies, I really thought some babies are put through a hell lot of body work and make-up but NO! These baby-dolls are just too real to be fake!

And there are a few more things to this, they make baby-dolls or ‘Reborn babies‘ of all color, expressions and style. You can attend the course that teaches you how to make this thing and they also have baby-dolls which are robotic and they suck on pacifiers…Why am I not surprised?

But there is another side to it, there are people who are addicted to it! And they can pay any damn amount for it. And they carry it around because they can’t put it down. One example is right here,

To my added surprise there are many other companies who are producing and selling these silicon baby dolls. Now I leave up to you, whether you find it lovely or scary!

Until next time!

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