Paytm New Ad Is on A Rave And It Makes Us All Smile Now!

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Have you seen the new advertisement of Paytm promoting its brand?

It is more than just a promotional stunt! It is a complete package of emotions, mom and son relationship and friendship. And not to forget how Paytm has linked itself to this part. it is amazing to see how the mother eager to fix his son with the daughter of Sharmaji and also very interesting to see the reactions of the boy.

It was also very evident that the Paytm Company is matching the Indian sentiment to promote the services they are providing under their umbrella.

The moment where he looks at the girl and gets affixed is just hilarious and cute too. Who says that you can’t like someone at first look? Mother’s eagerness to get her son married and finding the right match for her was just the right impact to grab attention.

If you can’t relate to it, then there is definitely something unreal about your life. And the best part, when the friend of the boy asks him whether he can come along and stay in a hotel. That was the best product confidence you can advertise.

It has been a while that Indians have thought of creativity being in the box. That is exactly what has been conveyed through this advertisement. It is definitely a way to show how to reach to your destination in your budget using one single brand and it surely is #travelmeintwist.


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