Watch: Dwayne Johnson Saves Priyanka From Tripping On Her Heels, Making It A Full On Bollywood Movie Scene

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Baywatch Priyanka Poster

One of the most awaited Summer movie releases is Baywatch. We can’t wait to see the film adaptation of the iconic TV series and to top that our desi-girl Priyanka Chopra is making her Hollywood debut with it. Baywatch stars Zac Efron, Alexandra Daddario, Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson in lead roles, and Priyanka plays the antagonist. We have loved the posters, teasers, trailers (especially RED BAND one) of the upcoming movie. Now, a new clip from the film gives us a sneak peek of just how freaking awesome it will be.In the new Baywatch clips, we see funny scenes from the film. Remember the scene from the trailer, where Priyanka gives the Baywatch squad a standing invitation to her party? In one of the clips the full scene plays out, and we get to see the royal swag of Victoria Leeds (Priyanka). As she steps out of her jeep, her helper places a stool on the sand for her to stand on. She steps on it, invites the Baywatch over to her party, and almost trips off it. But, that is not happening on Dwayne’s watch. He grabs her in the just nick of time, and saves her from falling; making it a full on Bollywood movie scene.

Watch the clip here:.

Though we have gotta say that the clip that will crack you up the most is the scene between Jon Bass and Kelly Rohrbach, touted as a replacement for Pamela Anderson. Jon is singing Katy Perry’s Roar as he takes shower in the team shower arena when Kelly walks in on him. She compliments him on his voice and spanks him as she leaves.

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