Baahubali 2 Got An ‘Adult’ Certification In Singapore Because Of These Scenes!

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Baahubali: The Conclusion or Baahubali 2 is all set for release in Singapore but would have limited audience because of the Singapore Censor Board, unlike the Indian Censor Board, found the war scenes of the movie ‘too gruesome’. “We granted Baahubali 2: The Conclusion a ‘UA’ with virtually no cuts.

In Singapore, they found Baahubali too violent. The war scenes, especially of soldiers being beheaded, were taken to be excessively gruesome by their censor board. In many countries of Asia and Europe more Bollywood films get ‘A’ certificate than we do in India”, Pahlaj Nihilani, the chairperson of Central Board for Film Certification (CBFC),

Baahubali 2 behead scene Baahubali 2 behead scene Baahubali 2 war scene Bhallaladeva

Baahubali 2 war scene Bhallaladeva

The mythological epic directed by SS Rajamouli has become a worldwide blockbuster and is inching towards Rs 1,500 crore collection. Getting an ‘A’ certificate in some countries would obviously limit the audience and the movie collections. The violent scenes in the movie have been found unsuitable for the audience in Singapore. The movie has some gruesome beheading scenes which the Singapore Censor Board found too violent for its younger audience and hence, cleared the movie screening with an ‘NC16’ certification, which primarily means that the people below the age of 16 cannot watch it.

Responding to Baahubali 2 getting an ‘U/A’ certificate (unrestricted public exhibition subject to parental guidance for children below the age of twelve) in India, Nihilani’s argument was, “Our mythology and religious scriptures have a lot of violent images of rakshasas being beheaded, etc. So, our children grow up hearing these tales of violence. They are not scared by mythological mayhem.”

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