Watch Video: Someone Trolled The Video Of ‘Om Swami’ Getting A Lap Dance! And It’s Hilarious!

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Swami Om has been known to the most attention seeking inmate of the Bigg Boss 10 house and even after the show being long over the fashionable Swamiji has not been able to shed his love for the camera.

He has always been creating controversies and targeting Salman Khan long after he was kicked out of the house and even now manages to get everyone’s attention with his bizarre antics. But this time Swamiji has gone really bold and shared a video of a lap dance that he got from a girl. Yes! We are not kidding, the godman who is apparently unaffected by women, had a bikini-clad woman trying to entice him while he sat meditating and pretends not to pay attention to any of her actions.

Now we don’t know what he is really trying to prove with this video but knowing Swami Om’s controversial nature, we sure know that he was anything but calm while pretending to mediate during the dance.

Here what he must be going through the Swamiji’s mind during this video.

Swami Om Lap dance

Can’t keep calm but have to prove that I am a true blue Swami.

Swami Om getting a lap dance from bikini girl

Swami om getting a lap dance

Swami om getting a lap dance

Swami on getting a lap dance

Swami on getting a lap dance

Cover source: Desimartini


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