Watch – How The London School of Bollywood Wowed Judges With A Twist In Their Routine.

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Britain’s Got Talent judges were surprised by London School Of Bollywood when they offered “Bollywood with a twist” routine which defied expectations and told a new story featuring a man in female dress and makeup.

The star of the performance, Shiva Raichandani, who is from Indonesia, wowed the judges when he cross-dressed as women and danced gracefully and pretty convincingly on Bollywood tune. He has praised Britain for allowing such creative freedom, admitting that their routine would be impossible to perform in his home country (Indonesia).

He said “Bollywood is an art form that allows people from all backgrounds to express themselves, and being able to do that as a man in a skirt speaks for itself.

‘I believe that gender is fluid and that anyone and everyone can express their gender in a unique way this is just one of those ways,’.

‘Doing this routine there would be very hard, and the reception would certainly be unkind.’

‘So it is comforting to know that any creative expression is allowed here, regardless of gender.’

“Growing up in Indonesia, there weren’t opportunities to perform in a way that would have allowed me to fully express my gender.

The group’s performance changed from a traditional Bollywood-style to an energetic one that told the story of a ‘new star’, Shiva Raichandani.

Here’s the video below…

His appearance wowed the judges, including Simon Cowell, who had told the group beforehand that he was skeptical and said ‘I have seen a lot of these groups before, it’s pretty much the same thing.’

Fellow member Anushka Segal said ‘We dance in traditional Bollywood style, but with a twist.
‘Our message is we want people to be comfortable in their skin, and to encourage them to express themselves in any way they want.’

‘We don’t think there is anyone quite like us,’ responded the group’s leader.

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