Voice Of Ram On How Fair & Lovely Damaged The Confidence Of Brown People In Our Country !!

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I came across this video couple of days back and believe me I have never felt the nostalgia pang like this ever before. #VoiceofRam is a youtube channel which has many videos that are archived and the videos speak so many things which almost every Indian wants to speak. My personal favorite after all is this one, “Let’s Uncolour”. If you are an Indian and you haven’t seen this video, you should now.

In the video, he speaks about many things and I totally related to those things. I am sure you would like to know what, I or rather what all you would connect to. So here it goes:

  1. He tells how the one easy-to-squeeze tube was everyone face cream in the family. And this is so damn true. All four members of my family used that same damn Fair & Lovely cream. And I blindly used it for 10 years straight.


2. He talked how much we lack giving credibility to our natural beauty. Well, that is     not a lie! Everyday I need to remind myself through someone that I look good.         And whenever we are all going for a party or a family gathering I ask at least a       handful of people to tell me how everything is.


3.  In the video he also mentioned how badly Fair and Lovely and other fairness cream guaranteed that the the skin which we are naturally born with, can be changed by putting this stupid cream. I mean either we are too naive or just love getting ourselves into the shit holes for every 400 years.


4. He also mentioned this great thing about how a small company started off as a shop holder and then became a huge market. How? All based on our believe that we are not good enough from the people who area a few shades lighter than us. And what’s with using a really fair actress promoting a cream that makes you dark to light? Ridiculous!


5. Somehow, according to the speaker in the video; a small belief made an empire that is still out there making every dark skinned person feel inferior. And who are these innocent  people? School Students, Prospective brides, college students, someone who is aspiring for a brighter future in the glamour industry but the dark skin is a problem- these are the people who believe that their goals are going to judge them based on their’Skin Colour’. One should have a good look at Sushmita Sen, Koina Mitra, Kajol etc before trusting any of these products again.


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