Taboos in our Indian Society

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Taboos talks

India, the seventh largest country and second most populous country in the world. Notable for its rich culture and religious diversity. Although, India strongly believes in democracy, freedom of speech, but still, there are few things India either shies away or at least hesitates to speak in public. Of course, there is this rise of young India that’s coming out of the closet and opening up. Here is the list of taboos we see in our society.


Every time the word sex slips out of your mouth in public, people stare at you as though they have been offended. Few even go the extent of questioning you about your family and upbringing. And, if it’s a woman speaking about sex, the environment becomes, even more, worse. If this is the case, I wonder how we got to 1.252 billion.1 (2)

Pre – marital sex

Pre-marital sex is not only considered taboo but also a sin in India. There is a good majority of people who believe that every human should be a virgin till the day one gets married. Most of the time it comes out harsh on women. Uncivilized people address women as the whore, bitch, and impure hoe, if lost virginity before marriage… which is truly disgusting.



It’s almost two decades since our government has been putting all its efforts to create an awareness about the importance of condoms. Condoms play an important role in the prevention of the world’s deadly virus HIV and pregnancy. But still, hardly people go out to medical stores and say condom loud. People often fear being judged by others. Instead, people are comfortable with funny weird names such as Cap, Balloon, and Umbrella…



In India, no other topic has so many myths attached to it.  Perceived as unclean or embarrassing, extending even to the mention of menstruation both in public and in private. Menstruating women are traditionally considered ritually impure, unclean and are given rules to follow. During menstruation, women are not allowed to “touch pickle jar, enter the kitchen, and temples, sleep in the day-time, bathe, wear flowers, have sex, touch other males or females, or talk loudly.” They may not mount a horse, ox, or elephant, nor may they drive a vehicle and are often isolated as untouchables, for the length of their period.

mestruation taboos



 Divorce in India is not simple. It’s a topic where society becomes the judge.Couples on the verge of divorce easily become the talk of the town. Everything from the sexual incompatibility of man to the woman’s loyalty to anything that is mean and disgraceful is been said on the faces of divorced couple.

divorce taboos

Inter-Religion, Caste marriages

 The rise of honour killings in India is the proof that how big issue is this taboo. Not only the families but also the whole community gets involved in opposing an Inter religion, caste marriage. Sometimes it shakes you from inside, the punishment the community gives one for choosing his/her life partner of another religion or caste. Although it is restricted to villages and rural regions most of the time.

inter caste taboos


  This taboo is not like any of the above, but still few societies consider it as a sin and people who drink are considered to be disrespectful and unacceptable. Some families believe it to be the reason behind all the crimes and wrong doings in life.

alcohol taboos
alcohol taboos

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