From ‘Selfies To Groupies’, Everything You Should Know About The Impact Of ‘The Selfie Fever’ On Today’s World!!

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Since the day, when smartphones were invented with cameras on both the sides – people are on a rave of taking pictures. But what fascinates the world most is, that the major collection of pictures found are ‘Selfies’! I do not know, how many of you actually realize the fact that the camera at the back of your phone is quickly losing its importance (Aww! Poor thing!).
According to a research done in 10 of the major cities, there is a whole lot of information given out! Let’s find out the facts quickly!

1. Front Camera is the most used camera for taking any selfie, including the groupies!

Well isn’t that obvious? You get to take a picture and also you get to be in it! But the point is how easily can you get everyone? Oh there is definitely an answer!

2. Selfie-stick demands just increased wildly!

The previous mentioned problem is getting solved because of one thing, (all thanks to it) Selfie stick!

3. Major Section of Users are teenagers!

Surprise! Surprise! The maximum number of people who click there own faces with beautiful expressions are majorly teenagers! All those Social media platforms filled with filters and pouts, thanks to the younger generation!

4.  Family and Friends!

The selfies taken most of the time are mostly the friends and family members. Its every where, marriages, picnics, night outs, get together parties, convocation, or even just a dinner out, selfies exist everywhere (It’s 85%) Admit it! Taking selfies alone are definitely not enjoyable.

5. One shot is never enough!

Have you ever met someone taking one selfie and left it to that? NO! 96% of the people take more than one selfie… EVERYDAY!

So here are some of the selfie facts which people found after a survey! And somehow it wasn’t invisible too but just not factually visible!





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