Despite Justin Bieber Giving It All, Here’s Why People Think His Show Was A Disaster

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Justin Bieber took the centre stage at the DY Patil Stadium in Mumbai last night and made it memorable for all the Beliebers in India.

The concert was attended by around 45000 people, including many of the Bollywood celebs like Alia Bhatt, Jacqueline Fernandez, Malaika Arora, Sonali Bendre and Arjun Rampal among other.

Justin bieber India

While many of them had a gala time at the concert, others just felt it was hyped.

He came, he performed, and he conquered 15-year-olds’ hearts. The crowd wasn’t complaining, but Justin Bieber started the Mumbai leg of his ‘Purpose World Tour’ lip-syncing — yes, lip-syncing! — dressed in a white tee and black shorts, with a black hand towel handy to wipe the sweltering May sweat off his brow – DNAIndia

The sound quality at the show was anything but world-class. The worst of all was that the star himself seemed to pander to the crowd with a few cursory salutations and mostly lip-synced songs. So all in all, the people who paid good money for their tickets, some reportedly to the tune of over Rs 70,000, could be justified in feeling immensely let-down.– DNAIndia

Bieber was also supposed to stay for a ‘very select’ party to be held Wednesday night. Instead, The Bieber cancelled the party and reportedly chose to fly out shortly after the concert.

While many called it a waste of money and said that he couldn’t even get the lip sync right, we think it is not cool to mock the singer as a majority of artists do so. Lip syncing songs is a very old tradition in the Indian entertainment industry and our own artists follow it religiously, so if Bieber is doing it and that too only for a few songs, what is wrong in it?

Yes, we do understand that people paid their hard earned money for the Justin Bieber concert, but imagine, how can we expect a person to perform straight for 2 hours that too when he is not just singing but putting up a whole act for you to get the most of it. We need to understand that it was more of a visual treat. So guys let’s not be judgemental, at least for once!

#He ended the night with “Sorry” but his fans weren’t sorry at all.

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