This Guy Played A Gold Digger Prank On A Women And She Called Cops. You Won’t Believe What The Cop Did Next!

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There are several gold digger prank videos on youtube and I guess you guys have watched most of them and all the videos end in the same manner.

In this video a YouTuber named Hooman plays a gold digger prank on a lady who is married to a military navy officer, later she called the cops and what happened next is interesting.

At first, when the YouTuber invites her to hang out with him, she refuses the offer saying that she is married. The guy then leaves her alone respecting the fact that she is married and moves towards his Lamborghini, seeing the car the girl changes her mind and gets ready to go out with him. Here the prank ends where the guy proves his point that she was a gold digger and leaves.

The women then called the cops and said that she has been harassed. What the cop did next is unbelievable  Watch the Video here and find out:

Video- Hooman TV

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