Donald Trump interviews himself and its hilarious!!

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The 2nd Presidential debate happened on October 9th and the world is still actively talking about it. It featured two of the most disliked candidates in modern history taking lumps out of each other – with accusations of sexual assault and defending rape and repeated allegations of deceit and mendacity.The world got a fair idea how Donald Trump as a person is.

Donald known for being a bullheaded big-mouth has always been rough on his interviewers, slammed their networks, claimed bias where there rightfully wasn’t any. In contrast, he also has been open to people roasting him at various shows.

Here’s a video of him having a good time at NBC’s The Late Night Show With Jimmy Fallon where he is being interviewed by “himself”:D

Wonder if the audience is laughing at Jimmy’s gimmick or Donald’s policies ;D

Video Source:The Late Night Show Starring Jimmy Fallon


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