Can Women Really Experience Super Orgasm? Find Out The Key To Climax.

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Scientists claim that Women can now experience ‘Super Orgasms’ where they can climax up to 100 times.

Five different women’s brains were examined for a Channel 4 documentary called ‘The Super Orgasm’ to see if all women could become multi-orgasmic.

Jeanette, who was part of the research project, said: ‘In the 21st century it is an outrage that we are still dismissing ideas of women having multiple orgasms.’

Three of the other women in the study, Beverley, 52, Nan Wise and Francesca, 59, found they could all have multiple orgasms but all for different reasons. Instead of focusing on the orgasm, their brains remained more relaxed throughout the sexual experience.

The study found that women who orgasm more than once during sex, release more levels of oxytocin – the love hormone which enables people to bond with their lover.

Scientists also believe that ‘Super Orgasms’ in women boosts immunity, induces a radiant glow and even protects from heart disease, some doctors argue they are essential for health, happiness, and wellbeing.

Women who experience ‘Super Orgasm’ were found to be less inhibited and more easily aroused.”

Researchers from University College Cork recorded self-induced orgasms in women over two months, and found chances of conception dramatically increased in cases where women experienced orgasms.

December last year it was revealed that female orgasms played a key role in fertility. The study suggested reaching climax could increase a woman’s chance of conceiving by as much as 15 percent.

Scientists concluded by saying that with a mix of relaxation, yoga, and bonding ‘Super Orgasm’ can be achieved.

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