‘F**K India’: Australian Woman Abuses Indian Man In Front Of His 4-Year-Old Daughter And Pregnant Wife

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A woman has been captured in a ‘racist verbal attack’ against an Indian family

Ustav Patel, his pregnant wife and daughter, 4, spent the night at Luna Park.
Mr Patel’s wife alleges he asked the woman for a seat next to her but was refused.
The woman then launched into an attack against their race, yelling ‘f*** India’ 

Ustav Patel, 33, filmed the rant during a night out at Sydney’s famous theme park on Saturday with his 15-week pregnant wife and daughter and was shocked as the woman began shrieking, ‘f*** India’.

The video shows the woman allegedly refuse to move off the park bench as she swears and repeatedly tells the family to ‘go away’.

Mr Patel said the incident shocked him and his family who were enjoying a night out at the amusement park.

‘I wanted to take my daughter to ride and my wife wanted to sit down as she is 15 weeks pregnant and no other space was available,’ Mr Patel told Daily Mail Australia.

‘We saw a lady seating on a bench with her legs on it, so we asked her politely if my wife can sit there.’

The women allegedly refused to let the man’s wife sit down and then launched into a foul-mouthed rant.

Women showing middle finger and abuses Indian man

‘There were many families around who were watching this incident and she kept using swear words to me and my wife,’ Mr Patel said.

Mr Patel said he then alerted staff at Luna Park and showed them video evidence of the verbal attack.

‘This incident happened in front of my four-year-old daughter and pregnant wife, they both were speechless for few hours. We hope this doesn’t happen to anyone else,’ he said.

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