Akshay Kumar Strikes Again This Time Concerning To Swacch Bharat And Importance Of Toilets At Home !!

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Benevolent Bollywood star Akshay Kumar once again stepped forward with a strong message on social issues. The 49-year-old actor takes it to social media once again in a video which could possibly be a teaser of his upcoming movie “Toilet – Ek Prem Katha”.

In this social message the Bollywood star concerns the issue of Swach Bharat and the importance of toilets at home. Akshay felt really sad when he came across some bitter facts while doing the research for his upcoming film ‘Toilet – Ek Prem Katha’. And, as a result, he made a social media appearance once again to lay emphasis on building toilets, especially for women.

In his strong message Akshay says “In a super power like India, many people, especially ladies cannot go to toilet when their body needs to because they don’t have toilet in their homes and they need to defecate in open. They need to go early morning or late in the night, irrespective of their body’s needs. I am scared women may have to face serious health issues as they are unable to answer nature’s call when the body demands, which may spread among children too.”

Here’s the video for you –


He also questioned how can we afford to let our daughters, mothers or wives defecate in the open. Is this how we respect them?

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