How to Ace Your First Or Any Interview Like A Bad-ass!

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Hello fellow readers! Its time that we talk about a few serious things here. Every single person has to go through a lot of pressure when it comes to an interview. You might need a few tips to relax your nerves and make yourself strong mentally to win it like a Bad-ass:

  • Outer packaging matters:

When you go to an interview before even you speak or show your merits its the look that matters. And you really need to nail it. Subtle yet strong colors matter a lot. Don’t take your jeans and a t-shirt to roll around in an interview. Plus, formal colors make you look strong and confident. Light touch up on your face and girls can highlight just the vitals on the face. Don’t forget to wear something enclosed on your feet.

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  • Know what you are up for:

Know about the company you are getting into and definitely the post you are applying for. Do your homework which is definitely going to impress the person on the other side of the table.

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  • Look Twice On Your Resume:

Work on your Resume and do a little research on how to make it look presentable. Always have an updated one and make sure your data is correct in it. Be thorough with it and mention your skills correctly. The basic question will always be around the resume you carry in the interview.

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  • Do a little research:

Before you get into an interview, know what are the basic interview questions. How many basic rounds are there, Check out some videos, read articles or even ask your family members who have been to an interview before. Keep an update on the latest interviews to keep a track on what can be asked and what you can answer. Some interviews are just taken for testing your patience. You just need to deal with it. And always know the answer for, “Why should we hire you?”

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  • On the I-Day:

Before you walk in the door and introduce yourself, make sure of a few things in a row. Don’t be late, fill everything on the application, pay attention to details and definitely try to find some ways to be memorable to your interviewee. Project only confidence and just be yourself. And one very important thing, ask questions. But don’t ask anything about the payroll, that will be just a…stupid question!

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  • After the Interview:

Once you are done with the interview walk out with confidence and later send a thank you note. Also if they don’t call back, you can always follow up on them regarding the position.

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If you are up for it now, then hope you do well!

Until next time!



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