5 Things You Should Avoid Telling Your BFF

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You love your BFF way too much, I get that! But here are somethings which you just can not tell your BFF at any cost! No matter what at the end of the day they are just human beings. No matter how close you are with your BFF, never give out these 5 Things to your BFF…EVER!


  1. Your future goals will not always be understood by your BFF. So when they ask you after you finish your high school or college or taking a jump from your work; don’t tell anything in detail right away to your BFF. Rather discuss is one of your own family member who can actually understand or just stay calm for a while.

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  2. If you ever have a bad experience or had a bad traumatic experience, you are not obligated to share it with your BFF. You keep to yourself until you find the trust; and if you don’t it is okay not to tell. They can live without knowing that.

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  3. If you have any kind of family issue, you don’t have to tell right away to your BFF. Something like this can not just blurt out of your mouth. You can keep things away from people because you don’t want to get the unnecessary sympathy from anybody any soon. It will take the conversation to definitely another level and you will never like it!

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  4. If someone ever comes up to you and tells you something about their personal life or anything that they can’t find anyone else to share with; keep it to yourself. Don’t tell it to your BFF. You can’t even think of writing it somewhere or even speak about it to yourself about that. When someone tells a secret they show that you are worthy of trust. Don’t lose it because once you share it, you can’t be trusted again.

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  5. If you don’t like your BFF’s partner, just shut it and keep it to yourself. Don’t say anything to your BFF or anyone else. Just make sure you keep an eye on your BFF’s partner and make sure he or she is worthy of them. But if you are a really good friend you need to take a step back and think about your friend’s decision. Don’t just pour your venom out immediately.

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Until next time..!!

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