Here’s How This 15-Year Old Become A Web Developer, And Hacker By Coming From A Place Where Nobody Has Ever Seen A Smartphone

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Do you remember what were you doing when you were 13? Probably playing video games, chilling with friends, missing school, bunking classes, sleeping your time away, studying or something similar?

Read on!

Meet Nitesh!

Nitesh 15, Web Developer and hacker

This is Nitesh Yadav from Kanharka, a small village located in the Alawar district of the state Rajasthan (India).He belongs to a nuclear family comprising his parents and a younger brother. His father is a farmer and his mother is the homemaker,

Know his journey

Nitesh comes from a village where nobody had ever seen smartphones. It all started from a newspaper article, Nitesh read, one random day when he was 13. The article talked about Imran Khan, who is a self-taught computer programmer from Alawar, Rajasthan. He has developed over 50 educational apps and 100+ websites. Nitesh had never known or seen a smartphone, had absolutely no idea as to what was the deal about android applications and their creation. But the article intrigued him.

No looking back!

Nitesh 15 year old web developer and hacker

After reading that article, Nitesh got obsessed with wanting a new smartphone in order to figure out how did android apps work. He somehow convinced his father to buy him one and since then, there had been no looking back for him.

Not a surprise these days, Meet his Guru: Google

Google pic hd

Even though Nitesh now has a smartphone, he didn’t know how to make android applications. He comes from a place where neither did a lot of people know about android application development nor were they aware of any such thing. The coaching centres for the same charged a bomb. After encountering all these issues, Nitesh resorted to Google. To quote Nitesh “Google Gurudev has taught me everything that I know about coding today”.

Nitesh developed his first android application over a smartphone itself, as he didn’t have a laptop or a computer at the time. He uploaded his application on the Google Play store and around 21, 000 people downloaded it. He earned some money from this success and bought his first laptop.

Mera Kanharka, Kisaan Guru…

The first app developed by Nitesh was for his village, named ‘Mera Kanharka’, stating all the essential information like its population, history, culture, etc. He was hence, appreciated, recognised and awarded by the Gram Panchayat of the village. He further developed an app for villagers called ‘Kisaan Guru’ that would help farmers in connecting with digital India.

He already has a startup and he is 15.

You heard me. He is 15 and has his own startup. He once read an article by WittyFeed’s Co-Founder and CEO, Mr Vinay Singhal and that compelled him to open his own startup! He has already established his own software development company by the name of Techsicon, which according to him will market any business and other firms at the global level by the help of IT services.

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